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The garments industry in India is one of the best in the world. An extremely well organized sector, garment manufacturers, exporters, suppliers, stockists and wholesalers are the gateway to an extremely enterprising clothing and apparel industry in India. There are numerous garments exporters, garments manufacturers, readymade garments exporters etc. both in the small scale as well as large scale.

During April-December 1999-2000, textile exports were recorded as US $ 9735.2 million (Rs.440179.4 million), of which ready made garments comprised nearly 40%. Interestingly, almost ¼ of India's total exports goes to the USA.

Indian readymade garments and textiles are extremely popular the world over. In fact, exports of readymade garments registered a 6.4% increase in dollar terms and an 11.6% increase in rupee terms during the period April-December 1999-2000, despite a sluggish growth in income both at home and abroad. Indian Garment export growth during April-June 1998 for woolen ready made garments was a phenomenal 150%, for ready made garments made of silk it was 58%, and for other ready made garments it was 39%, in dollar terms.

Today, garments exports from India have made inroads into the international market for their durability, quality and beauty. One of the reasons for the economical pricing of India's ready made garments and apparels is the availability of highly skilled, cheap labor in the country. The superiority of India's Garment Industry has been acknowledged in the National Textile Policy (NTP) of India 2000. Having realized the tremendous growth potential of this sector there is a proposal in the NTP for taking the Indian Garment Industry out of the SSI reservation list.
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